SOLVED – SCCM ADR Installation deadline

Problem – If my ADR runs on 10 SEP 2022 at 2 pm but I would like updates to be available on 12 SEP 2022 and to install updates on 13 SEP 2022. Do I need to put available as 3 days and the deadline as 1 day? How does install/deadline works for software/update install?

Running the latest version of the MECM following information if available –

Available time is ADR Run + 2 Days = 12 SEP
Deadline is Available + 1 day = 13 SEP

So the deadline is from the available not from the adr run.

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Starting in version 2203, the Software available time and Installation deadline for deployments created by an ADR are now calculated based on the time the ADR evaluation is scheduled and starts. Previously, these times were calculated based on when the ADR evaluation was completed. This change makes the Software available time and Installation deadline consistent and predictable for deployments.

There is a clear indication of the ADR rules in the older versions (< 2203) and the recently released 2207 (op-in).

The following is an old version of SCCM.

The following is the new version of SCCM (2207). you see the difference with clarity.

In conclusion, the deadline time is available time+ deadline days.

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