SOLVED – Azure Automation – Run scripts using Azure commands or PowerShell commands

Problem – I am looking to port production jobs into Azure automation. The goal would be to schedule maintenance from scripts held in a shared drive on all computers in that domain. Using Azure, I could use the Invoke-AzVMRunCommand cmdlet to accomplish this task. Powershell also natively supports running scripts remotely with the Invoke-Command cmdlet….

SOLVED – PostgreSQL Flexible Server PrivateDnsZoneHasWrongZoneSuffix

Problem – I’m trying to deploy a DBforPostgreSQL/flexibleServers with private DNS in a vnet.Following the guide here on Azure Portal, everything works as expected. Now I’m trying to replicate this using a bicep file, and when deploying from the azure cli, I get this error {‘status’: ‘Failed’,‘error’: {‘code’: ‘PrivateDnsZoneHasWrongZoneSuffix’,‘message’: ‘The Private DNS Zone name provided is not…