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Prevent Facebook Friends From Tagging Me

How many times have you feel annoyed when some of your Facebook friends tag you in posts and pictures with many other of their friends and you keep getting unwanted notifications and attention. Also its all the more annoying when you are not really a part of the pictures or post but are being dragged into some Facebook picture or post which you did not want to be a part of? Well it happens to me a lot, but not anymore. I did play around with Facebook settings and discovered that there is a very simple way out to avoid such mess by using a simple settings which helps me prevent Facebook friends from tagging me in their pictures and post until I approve of it. Even if they tag, the picture or post does not become a part of my timeline and I don’t get comment or like notifications until I approve that that tagging is correct. In this small tutorial, I will show you how simple it is to turn on this privacy setting in Facebook and within few minutes you can also turn it on. Simply follow the steps below.

Facebook Pictures

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