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15 Tips To Prevent Identity Theft And How To Deal With It?

Thefts have gone beyond stealing of goods or money, one of the most serious thefts these days is Identity Theft.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft simply means someone uses your identity, your identity document, credit card, SSN, or any other identity related document in a malicious way without your permission and consent. It may include someone stealing your credit card information and using it to purchase stuff or make payments. Someone stealing money from you by accessing your bank account. It also includes crimes like misuse of your SSN for filing of insurance claims and mortgages or taking loans fraudulently using your identity!

How Serious Is Identity Theft?

It maybe much more serious than someone stealing money or goods. Someone can put a bad dent in your credit rating or credit score by using your SSN or identity to take up a loan or a mortgage or maybe making a big transaction of your credit card which you might not be able to settle with the bank.

How To Prevent Identity Theft

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