How to connect VM Windows 10 with other machines on the same internal network?



After installing a Windows 10 VM ISO in VMWare, I am unable to establish connections from other machines on the same internal network. Despite trying with both VMWare and VirtualBox, using a Mac as the local host, and experimenting with host-only networks, I have not been able to resolve the issue.

It appears to be related to a network configuration that is set during the Windows 10 installation process, as I have discovered that packets are not being successfully transmitted when pinging the Windows 10 VM. Despite running numerous tests over the course of several days, I have been unable to identify the source of the problem and would greatly appreciate any insight that could help me resolve it.


  1. Please verify whether the virtual switch is configured in vMware.
  2. Also, ensure that all VMs are connected to the same virtual switch with IP addresses within the same range and subnet.
  3. Additionally, please temporarily disable any antivirus programs or Windows firewalls that may be running on your client VMs.

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